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Recommended Reading
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As Luther Taught the Word of Truth

Great for family devotions
 By: Richard E. Lauersdorf
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This book contains 58 devotions that will deepen your understanding of scriptural applications. Each devotion penetrates a concept or phrase found in one of the chief parts of Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism. Author Lauersdorf also uses personal remembrances to connect with resonant events in the reader's life. At the heart of every devotion is the comforting message of the gospel, which is just as Luther taught the Word of Truth.

Dying to Live
The Power of Forgiveness
 By: Harold L. Senkbeil
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Today many Christians are searching for something more, and the vital, Christ-centered spiritual life cultivated by the Reformation is often overlooked. The author recovers the rich heritage of Reformation spirituality while taking the reader on a gripping journey into the depths of the Christian life. Written in a popular, easy-to-read style, free of technical jargon, footnotes, and other academia.

God So Loved the World
A Study of Christian Doctrine
 By: Lyle W. Lange
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Devoted entirely to Christian doctrine, this book emphasizes the gospel to show that Jesus and the salvation he won for all people are at the center of all Bible teachings. Readers are reminded that every biblical doctrine relates to Scripture's central teaching that God sent his Son to save lost sinners. Author Lyle Lange writes about the Bible's basic and more difficult teachings with special emphasis on Jesus so that readers, in turn, will be strengthened in their beliefs and be led to boldly share the gospel news with others. Seven sections--Introduction to the Study of Christian Doctrine, Theology, Anthropology, Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology, and Temporal Estates--cover topics such as the Trinity, angels, creation, Christ's threefold office, faith, conversion, justification, sanctification, election, the Antichrist, and marriage. Includes Scripture, Lutheran Confessions, and subject indices.

Luther's Large Catechism
A Contemporary Translation with Study Questions
 By: F. Samuel Janzow
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Luther's Large Catechism is a popular summary of basic Christian doctrine written to aid pastors and Bible study leaders in teaching. The Large Catechism contains the substance of the chief parts of Christian teaching. This contemporary-language translation lends itself well to reading and study. Plus, more than 250 in-depth study questions stimulate thinking to help Christians understand the doctrinal concepts they need to know, accept, and follow.

The Defense Never Rests
Currently being read in our Book Discussion Group
 By: Craig A. Parton
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This powerful critique of American Christianity chronicles the spiritual pilgrimage of one man and provides a defense of the pure Gospel.

This unique book is divided into two parts. First, a spiritual autobiography of the author, describing his journey from unbelief to American Evangelicalism and Campus Crusade staff work, to his true home in the Lutheran church. Secondly, a hard-hitting critique of shallow, pop-style worship and theology, The Defense Never Rests sets forth a Lutheran approach to apologetics (the defense of the faith to unbelievers).

The Spirituality of the Cross
Used in our Lutheran Christianity 101 class
 By: Gene Edward Veith, Jr.
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 After a journey of years through a variety of religious experiences and frustrations with mysticism and eastern religions, liberal theology and social justice programs, and several branches of Christianity, Dr. Gene Veith found answers in Christianity and specifically with "the first evangelicals [Lutherans]."

For Veith, Christianity is not about a general vague force called God but about "God in the flesh and God on the cross" and why this matters in everyday life. It all "hinges around this one historical faith ... around this mystery of incarnation, atonement, redemption."

In The Spirituality of the Cross, the author discusses in detail the biblical views of "the first evangelicals," why and how they satisfy our deep hunger for the spiritual. He found this "framework big enough to embrace the whole range of human existence, a realistic spirituality."