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Sunday Morning Class 9:15 (Sept - May)

 Leader: Pastor Siemers / Pastor Kempfert
Fellowship Hall

Meeting Day(s): Sunday
Meeting Time: 9:15 AM
Adult Bible Class, Sundays  9:15 am:  
Join us for a new study series. "IS THAT IN THE BIBLE?" 
This three to four week series will begin Sunday, April 25.

They are popular sayings that are familiar to us. You may have even used some of them to comfort or encourage someone who is having a tough time. "Time heals all wounds," or "Everything happens for a reason." or "God won't give you more than you can handle." Have you ever wondered, "Are those from the Bible? They sound religious. Are they beneficial for the listener?" In our new study, "Is that in the Bible?" we will examine these and other religious sounding proverbs under the microscope of God's Word and find out if they are useful arrows for Christians to keep at the ready in their quivers. We will also discover some other simple and powerful phrases from scripture we can use for offering comfort, encouragement, and witnessing our faith.